2020 Nordic Contemporary Print Triennial

9th Douro Printmaking Biennial 2018


Summer Exhibition-15, Royal Academy of Arts, London


08.06 - 16.08

Deltar som eneste norsk kunstner med bildet "Organisme 10".

Artwork statement from Siw Lurås
“Organisme 10” is part of a series of 14 prints, variations over the same title. Mixing graphic techniques like etching, drypoint, and photogravure is a significant part of my work. For this work etching and woodcut are used. Organisme is a title that opens up for multiple associations. Although colour and form are the main elements in my work, memories and influences from old gardens follow me in the process, like traces from plants, the forms of the leaves, the colour of the flowers, the web of the spider and the dancing butterflies.