9th Douro Printmaking Biennial 2018

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My work

The colour is always the starting point for my work. The colour is taking over and leading me to start the work. The choice of graphic technics could be drypoint, etching, woodcut, silkscreen or a mix , I like to feel free to combine these.
Unforgettable memories from my grandmothers garden, seeds, wings, and traces from plants, the joy of looking at the petals of the poppies, the forms of leaves, the colour of the flowers, the web of the spider and the dancing butterflies has followed me since that time.
The element of writing that sometimes appears in my pictures is a kind of intuitive drawing, often followed after an experience of some kind.
The impression from journeys around the world is also of importance in my work. Being a part of the New Year celebration of the Hindus in Indonesia will always follow me. So does the early morning in YuanYuan in China, high up in the mountains with a view over the enormous rice fields.